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Buy France Virtual Phone Numbers

France Local Virtual Number

Setup fee: from $25
Monthly fee: from $10
Coverage: Paris (region), Northwest France, Northeast France, Southeast France (incl. Corsica), Southwest France


  • Forward calls made to France to anywhere in the world.
  • Make outgoing calls with your France virtual number using a softphone or our mobile app
  • Forward incoming calls to any regular or mobile phone line for a very low rate.
  • Incoming call forwarding to any Voice-over-IP provider (VoIP), SIP, H.323 or IAX is included.
  • Incoming calls using ITSP or VoIP (SIP, H.323 or IAX)
  • You own the France phone number with no contracts.
  • If you need France toll free number or metered number, please contact support.

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Get a 2nd France Phone Line

Do you need a presence in France for your business or website? Buy France virtual phone number (France DID number) and talk to customers you never thought you had. Potential and current clients will both appreciate a local phone number in France for them to use. Check your websites analytics reports, if you are getting traffic outside the areas you have your listed “Contact Us” phone number you could be missing out on business. Take a France virtual number and forward the calls to any VOIP device and pay a flat rate for unlimited incoming minutes to that number. You’d be surprised as to how many would be callers there could be in France.

Local France Phone Number

  • Paris (region)
  • Northwest France
  • Northeast France
  • Southeast France (incl. Corsica)
  • Southwest France

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Buy France Toll Free Number / Metered Number| Toll Free Number in France

France toll free numbers (also known as France free phone numbers) allow your business to advertise a number that is free for your customers to call. i.e, France free phone numbers allow callers to reach you and/or your business without being charged for the call. The charge for using a toll free number is paid by the called party (the toll free subscriber – YOU) instead of the calling party. Click here to view toll free rates per minute. France toll free numbers can be diverted to any landline, mobile phone, ITSP, IP address or VoIP (SIP, H.323 or IAX). The service is ideal if you have a customer base who you want to support or if you want to attract customers in France to your business. France toll free numbers are inexpensive to set up and service and they are a more cost-effective option than opening an office in France and taking on additional staff.