What is a Channel?

Channels define the number of simultaneous inbound calls you can receive on your numbers. By default each number provided by GlobexCamCalls is equipped with 2 voice channels; however, you are welcome to increase the inbound capacity of your DIDs by ordering additional dedicated (non-shared) or flexible (shared) channels.

Dedicated (non-shared) channels are allocated to a specific DID, and allow additional simultaneous calls on this particular single number.

Flexible (shared) channels cover a group of selected DIDs, and allow additional call capacity on all of these numbers, notwithstanding their different area or country codes, e.g. DIDs from Canada, Spain and Australia may well be included in the same group (pool). DIDs within this group will be dynamically allocated with necessary additional channels on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note: this is the case for all mapping options offered by GlobexCamCalls except from call forwarding to PSTN (flat rate and Pay As You Go) devices, since a PSTN line can only work with one channel.